URGENT: Prophetic Insight August-December, 2016:

As I’ve been praying concerning our nation, global world conditions and the upcoming elections and the impact on all of above, the Lord revealed the following to me: He first spoke to me in early 2010 and said ” Pray for our nation. The Enemy wants to bring our nation under Martial law.”

I was a little surprised by the revelation at the time I received it. So I shared it a few people that we relate to and prayed about it throughout these last several years. Then He reminded me of it again as we entered into this election cycle earlier in January 2016.

Then I heard Him remind me to continue to pray about our government, the upcoming elections, and Martial law in America. He also clearly spoke “Pay no attention to these primary elections or the candidates that would emerge from the two political conventions this summer. He spoke to me that what you are seeing throughout the Spring and Summer (and even now), are only signs and indicators of what’s about to transpire: the Lord said that there would be a series of events in late September and into October that would radically impact and change the direction of the campaign for President, and that the Enemy’s plan was to so disrupt our nation in such a way that many would be asking for and even begging for Martial law!

The Lord also made it clear to me that it would be the watchmen and intercessors across our nation standing in the gap and raising up a generation of prayer warriors, praying and confessing 2 Chronicles 7:14, for our country to avoid Martial Law.

Further the Lord said that these next years leading up to the year 2020 could be some of the most turbulent years that we have ever experienced in our generations which are on the earth today! That these years were also times of great travail as all of creation groans for the manifestation of the sons of God (see Romans 8), and it would be up to us, His sons and daughters to manifest His presence on the earth, and that as were successful, we would witness the beginnings of the great world harvest and revival, spoken of in the scriptures, and prophesied forth by many other prophets recently!

The clock is ticking, saints and Leaders, now is our time to stand for the generations on the earth. I believe this is The Church’s Greatest Hour!
Prophet Bill Johnson

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