September 13, 2016

We are a church where . . .

We are a church where you can experience the power of God’s presence in your life and discover and fulfill your destiny, your purpose, and the reason that God put you here.

And are a place where God’s word comes alive in your life. A place where you can be activated to learn the sound of his voice, to be led by his Spirit, to be equipped for all that he has for you in your life.

We are a place where family relationships and establishment of covenant with God and with one another is a foundation in stone, and with who we are as believers in God and Jesus Christ.

We are a unique church that’s different than usual.

We are a church that’s on the cutting edge of what God is doing on the earth, empowering, and mobilizing his people beyond the four walls and into the workplace, to the Nations and to our City. A place where you can experience community. To know that your family is a spiritual family where we are connected and joined, and out of that we become a community that are living by the values of his love and the power of his word and presence, and we’re merging that spirituality into natural everyday living. As we do that, and walk with him, we expect and receive miracles and signs and wonders that flow through us to those around us through the intimacy that we’ve experienced as his children, and his love for us as our father.

We are a place where you can fall in love and grow in love with Jesus Christ, and learn to love him with all of your heart, soul and all your might. To know that Jesus and Father and you are all one. To know that he opened the door through his sacrifice so we could experience the Father’s love.

We are a place where you have Holy Spirit encounters through worship and through the word.

We are a unique, prophetic church that’s preparing the way for others to walk in. We are a road map church for the Lord.

We are a church that’s focused on the Future as well as the present. A church that’s spirit-filled and spirit led and full of the Fathers love, grace, mercy and power. A place of healing, a place for the spiritual orphans in the earth to find a home. A place where you can find home in
God. A place of belonging and connecting that you haven’t experienced as a church before.

We love to have those kinds of experiences and we believe that what God has called us to do is to demonstrate his love and his acceptance of you, just as you are. A place of discovery of his love, and a place of learning to walk by the power of his love, so others can get on the prophetic journey that you’re on. And Jesus gets magnified and glorified and lifted up in our homes, in our church families, in our jobs and everything that we do for him is not generated by “performance first”, but relationships with him, first. Out of that, we’re being Christians and believers and walking with him every day.

We believe that’s what he has called Linda and I to do for the city of Tallahassee To be a place of healing and restoration, be a place of empowering and equipping and sending.

You’ll find at Restoration Life that we put an emphasis on prayer, on intercession for our city. We put an emphasis on God’s love and his presence in our lives. We put an emphasis on learning the sound of his voice, and being led by his spirit, and reaching out beyond our walls through different methods, like our Pantry, Ministry teams, healing rooms, weekly intercession and weekly training and equipping nights on Thursdays, and our Fellowship times monthly, where we just come together for a meal.